964 Shades of Grey / Autohaus RWB

This is what I personally sense as a stimulating movement in Thailand’s car culture. The world’s master-craft in automotive. The passion driven so hard we need to let our Thai mechanics and body shops re-consider the level of craftsmanship put into work; set aside how far one typical man should reach for his dream. Two RWBs were carried out in perfection last year by hands of the Rauh-Welt legend himself. Be that as it may, another three have already made their ways to get painted. All coming into completions with help of the mechanics under the roof of a Vaslab Architecture’s state-of-the-art garage–Autohaus RWB.

Midnight // Club Wangan TH

Arti NAGAOKA’s 7.

Team One Point.


Pure 4G63.


A nice night reminiscing 1990s.